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This project is part of my PhD research on the science communication of whale watching. My main interest is in how to improve the communication of science related to whale watching with the general public:


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The whale watching SciCommercial would not have been possible without the support of some wonderful people in front and behind the camera. Produced by myself it features Dave Duffus (University of Victoria), Kate Spencer (Fast Raft Ocean Safaris) and Roger McDonell (Stubbs Island Whale Watching). Additional footage was provided courtesy of Gene Flipse (Conscious Breath Adventures), Valentina Cucchiara and Maddalena Fumagalli. Logistical support was provided by Brian and Jill Perry (Hervey Bay Whale Watch), Roger McDonell (Stubbs Island Whale Watching), Fast Raft Ocean Safaris, Sea of Whales Adventures and Monterey Bay Whale Watch. Music by Leyton. All footage was filmed within whale watching guidelines and regulations.


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How can we communicate science in a way that engages, surprises and makes us care? By learning from TV commercials as a highly condensed form of communication! The SciCommercial takes the best of very different kinds of filmmaking: TV commercials, documentary film and viral videos. What elements make each of them work and what happens when we mix them up… SciCommercials are short science communication commercials that combine elements of all three. Take that mix and apply it to any topic relevant to conservation such as in the whale watching SciCommercial! Enjoy and yes - I hope to make you care and share!

Wiebke Finkler

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I’m passionate about whales, the natural world we all share and the amazing stories of people and places. With a background in marine biology, documentary filmmaking and science communication the whale watching SciCommercial is the creative product of the last two years of my PhD project on the Science Communication of Whale Watching. This website will be a resource to answer questions about whale watching and serve as a community forum. Further information about my science communication and filmmaking work can be found at Natures Voices and Green Concrete Films.