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Welcome! I am Wiebke Finkler and this is part of my ongoing PhD research on Whale Watching conducted at the University of Otago in New Zealand. The whale watching research survey is now closed with almost 1500 completed surveys - thank you to everyone who participated and shared the survey around the world! Check out some preliminary results of the SciCommercial study here as well as some info on How to watch whales?

If you have come to this site after completing the research survey, I would like to thank you for following up. This site gives you some further information about the project. It also provides you with an opportunity to participate in the design of this website, especially with regard to what kinds of information visitors would value when visiting This website will be developed further, together with your input, once the research project has been completed in early 2016. I would like to invite you to share any suggestions and thoughts you may have. Your opinion really matters to me and will help develop good whale watching.